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The Bible Stinks at Math

June 24, 2014

Most people complain that the Bible is difficult enough without adding number puzzles. I agree with his point–don’t make the Bible more difficult with silly games.

Chris Linzey


Well, not exactly stinks. It’s more the human side of the equation that bothers me.

The other day I saw some people debating this:

1611 is the year the King James Version of the Bible was produced. This nifty mathematical formula has randomly taken the year, split it up and multiplied it together to create a fictitious link to Psalm 119.

While not stated, the implication is that the 1611 King James Version is the true Word of God and all other Bibles are frauds.

This kind of math seriously aggravates me. There is nothing logical about it. I might as well say something like:

1611 KJV. 1+6+1+1=9. Genesis 9 is all about…

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