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What Goes In, Must Come Out

May 31, 2014

10 Life-Changing Decisions We Make Without Thinking
I excerpted this from James AltucherInfluencer | Entrepreneur, Started & sold several companies, Author 11 books (latest “Choose Yourself!”) , Angel Inv.,

If you want the whole post, I can do that later (it’s lengthy). His article is very well done and worth reading. The main fault I have is that he does not give God any part in this. He talks about the spiritual part of us, but ignores how it is affected–other than being grateful and able to ignore the daggers and hate thrown your way. I have no clue what he means by being grateful. How would any of that work without having God to be grateful to? The Force? Thor?
The part I want to talk about is the second paragraph under “F) Media”.
James makes the analogy with the paragraph, “Eat”, emphasizing we are what we eat. The last paragraph talks about drinking and the effects it has on your mind, family, and wallet. They probably should have been closer together.
It stands to reason that if the food going into our bodies makes us healthy or sick; then the “food” going into our minds would have the same effect. I have met plenty of people who go to church on Sunday, but live a non-Christian life during the week. There are plenty of others who are quick to judge if you mess up in the least. “She claims to be a Christian, but…” They see nothing wrong with spreading rumors–it’s in all the shows on the television, and considered humor.
I’m tired of hearing the Lord’s name being taken in vain so much. Most likely, some of those that do it are the very same people who say there is no God. Then how can you swear by His name?
It’s important to keep your witness and body “holy and acceptable”, we need to be careful what we take in. You can not continuously pollute your body and expect it to keep functioning at peak level. Our bodies are capable of taking a lot of abuse, but that doesn’t mean we need to do it. Our minds also are able to sort through the clutter of bad images, hurtful feelings, abuse, dehydration, and poor nutrition. Yet, a steady diet of wrong tends to destroy our minds and take our focus off the important issue of following God’s direction. If you keep taking in bad and wrong, eventually that is what will come out, either in speech, attitude, or actions.
With Jesus in our heart, He can help put our mind and heart at ease. We, as Christians, are in the world but separate. To help counter the effects of the world spend time in prayer and reading your Bible. That will help diffuse the ill effects.  

James’ article:
E) Eat. You are what you eat. I can’t even think of a more true statement. Where do you think the atoms in your body even come from. A lot of it comes from the food you eat. Most people don’t think twice about: cheese Danish in the morning, pasta and spring rolls for lunch, potato chips during the day, 8 cups of coffee, steak and fries and ice cream at night with a bottle of wine to smooth out the day. I’m not describing your meals. I’m describing how I used to eat. Every day. But the wine might start by 10am. Just to feel good about my afternoon meetings.
See my post on how Lisa lost 100 pounds. “Sugar hurts your bones, increases wrinkles, and makes you stupid” she told me the other day. And sugar is in about 99% of the products sold in the grocery store. So people blindly do it because it’s hard to do otherwise.
F) Media. Again, you are what you eat! Even if you eat dog shit all day. I’m a firm believer in this: you have four bodies. Not just one. A physical body that you have to take care of to live. But also an emotional body. A mental body. And a spiritual body. These bodies need food to survive also. If they die or get sick then you die and get sick in some way.
The emotional and mental bodies get their sustenance from the things you read, the stuff you watch on TV, the people around you and what they are saying or gossiping about. You are what you eat. The spiritual body lives on your ability to be grateful, on your ability to ignore the daggers and hate that are constantly thrown your way (see email above under “Children”) Otherwise it will starve to death. And so will you. And so you will your ability to love others and make others happy.
When you are grateful for others, their accomplishments, their successes, their magic, becomes yours. Then you are better than human. Then you are magic.
But people don’t think twice about picking up the worst crap to read on the train, on the plane, before bed, or let’s watch these shows or watch these movies. Or hang out with these gossipers, or spend a day not being grateful for the…for the…I can’t even fill it in. Just being grateful FOR.
J) Alcohol. Most people I know drink at least five times a week. I’m not going to criticize. There’s lots of reasons to drink. It takes the edge off a hard week (see “Hate job” above). It gives you that buzz so you lose inhibitions in an awkward social situation (that first date ten days before you get married, for instance). Some people like the taste (ugh, give me a vanilla milkshake instead, even with all the sugar).
But think about how much you spend on alcohol a year. That can be just cash in your bank. And meanwhile, you avoid the sugar in alcohol, the bad ramifications when you lose those inhibitions, and all of the cancer-linked diseases that are related to alcohol. Not to mention the general harm against your liver. I don’t even know what my liver does. But if something gets in the way of peeing and shitting then its NO GOOD.

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