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Intermission Stories (16)

May 30, 2014

Keep all our military in your prayers.

Pacific Paratrooper

Sgt. Tommy Prince Sgt. Tommy Prince

Thomas George Prince

WWII and Korean War Veteran

Tommy Prince was born 25 October 1915 at Petersfield, Manitoba as one of 11 children, a descendant of Peguis, the Saulteaux Chief.  In 1920, the family moved to Scanterbury, Manitoba on the Brokenhead Reserve.  Although he easily met the requirements for the army, he was turned downed several times before finally being accepted on 3 June 1940.


Tommy did well in the army, first as a Field Engineer and then with the Canadian Parachute Battalion.  He was among a select group chosen to train with a specialized assault team, the 1st Special Service Force.  They became known to the enemy as the Devil’s Brigade.

Tommy Prince w/ his brother Morris at Buckingham Palace Tommy Prince w/ his brother Morris at Buckingham Palace

In 1944 in Italy, Sgt. Prince was spying on the Germans.  He set up an observation post in an abandoned farmhouse.  For days he reported on…

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  1. I hope your readers enjoy this post about a very extraordinary man! Thank you for the reblog.

    • I should reblog more of your stories, but I have trouble getting photos to print sometimes. I love your stories and think you are an excellent writer. I keep them for future reference. I don’t have a war character as yet, but I never know when one might come along.
      Are you planning on compiling these into a book?

      • I’ve been asked about it, haven’t yet decided.

      • I don’t know what the market is for a military history, but when I read yours, I get a personal feel, not simply reading words on a paper. You describe things so well, it is so easy to picture everything. If you wrote it more on the fictitious side, there might be a good market. I know there are a number of agents that deal with non-fiction and your book would definitely fall into that category. There’s always the self-publish route.
        I know I wasn’t much help. Keep thinking about it.

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