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May 29, 2014

A house wren couple has built a nest in my laundry room. I guess they are living up to their name by moving in. Not that I truly mind, but they leave me in a bit of a quandary.
We made the mistake of sliding the glass up on the storm door for a bit of fresh air. It didn’t take long for the wrens to find the tear in the screen–a tear large enough for them to fly in through with their bits of branches and dry leaves to build a nest. They’re nesting in a tall metal urn on the shelf above the freezer. I’d love to take a picture, but they’re high enough that I can’t get one.
I’m not sure what’s inside the urn because you can see the top part of their nest. It was one of those things that got stuck on the shelf and forgotten.
I’d like to give them their privacy, but we use that door frequently–it leads to the back yard. Besides doing laundry in that room, the big freezer and pantry are there also.
To make matters worse, there is another bird couple building a nest on the front porch. This one is on the top of a column that supports the porch roof. Jack says they are not house wrens, but they look the same to me. Kind of feeling surrounded at this point! This does give me an idea for a delightful side character with paranoia issues.
One or two years ago, we had a tiny bird build a nest in the plastic gazebo on the front porch. The remnants of that nest are still there. I thought they would use it again, but apparently they don’t reuse nests. For years there has been a nest on top of a column in the far corner of the front porch, but it’s always looked uninhabited. Also, there are two mud dauber’s nests on the front porch which look uninhabited, but we leave them alone because they’re a good insect to have around.
I feel guilty about disturbing the birds all the time. They fly off, hoping we’ll follow them and leave their nest alone. I don’t know if one of them stays behind, but I hate thinking that the eggs are alone and unguarded.
I have tried to cut down on my trips to the laundry room. I used to do laundry whenever there was a load; now, I cut down to 1-2 days and try to remember to get what I need from the pantry at the same time. I’m notorious for getting one item I need and forgetting the other. We use the front door often so there’s always movement going on. I prefer the front steps because there are less of them and they are shallower, easier on my knees. My husband and son use the back door more often.
Yesterday, my husband came back from his shop and set on the back steps. A little bird chirped, jumped around on the grass then flew up onto the trash can and back down on the ground, all the time chirping away. For as tiny as they are, they sure can put out an angry chirp. Jack watched for a few minutes before realizing that he was blocking the door for the bird to get back into his nest!
Will the birds adjust? I hope so. Some days are quieter than others as far as how much going in and out we do.
I love birds. They are such fascinating and beautiful birds. I’m happy the wild birds feel safe here. Of course, it could be that they’re running out of nesting areas and taking whatever they can get. I don’t mind sharing with them as long as they don’t decide to take over the house or attack us.
Do you think they’ve heard of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”?

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  1. It makes me laugh when I think of the hoops we jump through to accommodate the wildlife. We had chimney sweeps in our chimney one year. It was fun to listen to them and the little ones when they hatched. Enjoy the birds. I hope you don’t get too far behind on laundry 🙂

    • I do enjoy them and talk to them on occasion. One of the birds will stop on the door frame watching me and chirping away while I switch laundry loads. In the past few weeks, I have run out of underwear and slacks. I stayed in my nightgown until I got my laundry washed and dried. Honestly, I wasn’t in a big hurry–I enjoyed my lazy time and got caught up on some reading.
      I wish I had some way to see the little ones. I can’t think of a way to do it without disturbing the birds too much. I think it takes roughly a month for the eggs to hatch, maybe I’ll have some luck seeing the babies then.

      • Can you hold a mirror up and see them or is the nest too high? It sounds like fun to have the birds hanging out with you.

  2. You may have already read the post that I did which answered your question. Short answer: the mirror didn’t work, but thanks for the suggestion. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

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