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FAITH FILLED FRIDAY: Heaven is for Real movie

April 26, 2014

Honestly, I didn’t need this movie to tell me that. Heaven and hell are both real, but for some reason a lot of people in this day and age think that both are nonsense.
Since the “Heaven is for Real” movie was based on a true event, it should not be considered total science fiction. I thought I would buy the book and see how close the movie came to that. I liked the movie and would recommend others to see it.

I thought it was better than “Noah”. The movie producers took a true story and turned it into a sci-fi adventure. People are now going to remember the movie version instead of the Biblical one. No villain got on the ark with Noah’s family, and God sealed them in. That’s only two of the smaller mistakes the movie made.

Since I’ve never been to heaven myself, I can’t say how accurate this movie was; but I do have the Bible’s description. Clayton, being 4 years old, described it as best as he could for his age. I think he did a good job.
I also thought they did a good job in bringing out the various problems associated with Clayton’s revelation. The hostility, even from fellow church members, was well done. The fact that they did not show a made-up version of heaven was interesting. I expected the producers would go overboard on the fiction part, just to promote sales.

Why they questioned whether or not Clayton died to have a near-death experience was kind of dumb. He came as close to death as possible, and that would have been adequate to create a near-death experience.

Heaven is a beautiful place and everyone should want to go there. Jesus does have a white horse, but I don’t know how often he rides it. I’m not surprised that there will be animals in heaven. God created them for earth, why not heaven too?
We will meet a lot of people–old friends, family, and even historical persons. I want to talk to Jesus, all the apostles, and the women of the Bible, some of whom have very little said about them.

The comments the dad had jotted down were thought-provoking. I especially liked the phrase “on earth as it is heaven”. That definitely required thinking about! In the prayer they are talking about God’s will, but what if it also included other things like food, plants, swimming, and animals? I’d love to see how both Clayton and the little girl continue to walk with God as they grow.

As much as I want to be in heaven, I’m in no hurry to get there. There will be some people I’ll be surprised to see, as well as others that I will be disappointed that they did not make it.
Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior today, so you will be sure to have a place in heaven.

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  1. I would like to see the movie and read the book. I think we can learn a lot from children. Children say things as they see them. They don’t analyze or twist – they just state what they know. I personally feel that small children have a perfect faith and have a better understanding of spiritual things than many adults do.

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