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Chlorinated Nirvana:

March 28, 2014

I’ve often thought the same thing, but she puts it nicely into words.

Impractical Dreamer

We are all natural born swimmers. Swishing through Amniotic fluid, swinging on the umbilical cord but tethered safely to the placenta. womb

So why is it that we still need to learn swimming? Maybe not; all we need to learn is to un-learn the fear of drowning.

Swimming, for me, meant a whole lot of Eureka moments:

1. Don’t worry, nobody is looking: Swimsuit phobia peters away before water-phobia. And besides, everybody is in their own world of laps-bubbling-stamina-ear shaking. You look great. Now jump in.

2. Don’t you dare push me in! : The day I couldn’t jump in; the day I discovered that fear can be paralyzing. My toes curled onto the parapet in silent imploration. I was fine in the present on terra firma. I did not mind the sure future when I would be already in the water. All I feared was the transition.


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