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When words aren’t enough

March 12, 2014

She makes some very good points.

Renee Johnson Writes

A stack of magazines waited patiently for their turn to be read.  Most still  had their protective covers attached.  Many times I lifted them to toss out, but hesitated.

How could I throw out publications I hadn’t even glanced through?

Somehow I felt the day would come when I’d have a few minutes to just kill time.  Then, surely then, I would open them and peruse the pages between the covers still glossy from being safely secured without danger of dust.

**If you have read my post at writingfeemail, you know about my recent knee injury.  If not, hit the link if you are curious about why I suddenly had that time.**

My office is upstairs and I wasn’t about to try to maneuver the steps on crutches.  And my laptop wouldn’t sit straight across the leg stabilizer.  I finished the ‘must read’ books on my kindle and then…

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