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Brain Fog (or Sometimes I Just Crack Myself Up)

March 1, 2014

Been there a time or two.

Adventures of an Allergic Foodie

Oh my gosh, sometimes I wonder what in the world is wrong with me. I drive all the way to the north side of town before remembering the store I am going to is on the south side of town. And I’ve been going to the same store for 20 years!

Sometimes I can’t remember what year it is! I’m not joking. I once had to google to see if it was 2013 or 2011.

A few weeks ago I panicked because I thought I missed my good friend’s birthday. It’s February and her birthday is in October.

Brain Fog and Celiac Disease/Food Allergies

I’ve never had a good memory. The fact my husband has a photographic memory is both a blessing and a pain in the butt. Who wants to be reminded of the year, day, and time I slipped into the pool, or rode my bike off the path and into the bushes.  (I’m…

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  1. Thank you for re-blogging my blog!

  2. Some people do it in a car, some people do it at the mall. My wife, after 35 yrs in the same city, going to the same mall still could not remember where the anchor stores were.

    But then she remembers other things I can’t so we’re even!


    • Isn’t it nice to have a “better half” to help out? My husband was always the one to keep me on track, especially with directions. We’ve lived in this town for 20 years, but now I find myself like your wife–which way to this or that.

      • I have to say, and I will in a day or two, that there’s a special beauty in being lost. 🙂

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