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Learning To Write Rough

February 28, 2014

That’s what I need to do. I try to have every page correct and lose my train of thought before I’ve gotten to the bottom. Even though I think the pages are perfect, my editor finds a ton of mistakes! I have decided to outline my next book; and have the character bios done before I start writing. I have a general idea of what I want and usually go with whatever the characters want to do. The book I’m working on now has been a huge headache because I did not have a good idea of what I wanted.

The Wordificer (lvl 6 - Fixer)

wastepaper-bin Today I wrote twice as many words as I have any other day thanks to a little bit of inspirational advice from New York Times bestseller Hugh Howey of the Silo (Wool) series and dedicated self-publishing advocate.

The meaning behind his words I’ve encountered many times from many other authors but for some reason the way he put it seemed to resonate with what I needed to hear. This is part of what he said, (the full post can be found here):

…learn to write rough. Stop caring about spelling and sentence fragments and plot holes and grammar. Get the story down. Listen to the dialog and try to keep up with your fingers. Get to the end of your manuscript and THEN worry about the quality. If you can master the art of powering through to the end of your story, you are on your way.

– Learn to…

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