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valentine wine

February 14, 2014

The pictures probably won’ come through, but hopefully, you’ll get some good ideas for wines on Valentines Day.


Cut the crap about if you’re single or head over heels – let’s get drinking. Here are wines for every possible stage of a relationship. Crack one open on Valentine’s Day and you’ll probably fall in love with one of them.

beginning stages

spin the bottle wine These two reds are of the sweeter variety, if that’s your thing. The cool part, though, is that the labels are made with a technology that lets the image move as you view it from different angles (ie, as you spin the bottle!). $15 each

mad crush red wine This is a great blend from Paso Robles – but they swap out Tempranillo for the usual Syrah, making the mix 65% Grenache, 21% Tempranillo and 14% Mourvedre. $45

Lust Zinfandel A little blackberry – sweet and very juicy, just like a good hook up. $59

you’re in love!

amoureux lasseter wine So-called because the winery family fell in love with Malbec while honeymooning in Sonoma…

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