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Happy Birthday Mr. Disney

January 9, 2014

Even though it’s a bit late, I thought it was worth sharing.



It’s appropriate, I think, that Uncle Walt was born in and died in the month of December. Because in a way, he’s sort of our real-life Santa Claus.

He’s made millions of people smile and laugh, spanning the continents and generations. Some of the best Christmas presents many of us received as kids were those vinyl VHS Disney movie cases (remember those? – can’t they do something similar with DVDs?)?

He didn’t live at the North Pole, but created something better: Disneyland – the happiest place on earth (this is a point of contention with my Floridian wife who maintains that Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is better).

He built an empire that that through the years has produced more toys and action figures than any other toy manufacturer. (Actually, I don’t know if that’s true. Can someone look that up?)

He wasn’t fat and jolly, but he was skinny and…

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