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The Invisible Studio Audience

November 4, 2013

I thought this was a good idea to reblog. If we as adults are greatly affected by sitcoms, how much more are children?

Andrew & Sarabeth


Wives/girlfriends – Do you feel like arguments with your significant other too often come to an abrupt hault because he slaps you with some lame punchline and follows it up with a smirk? Want to know why he’s smirking? Because he’s mentally bowing down to the Studio Audience who is whooping and hollering and cracking up at his witty remarks.

And do you know who’s to blame? It’s not the devil. It’s Tim, Raymond, Phil, Ross, Chandler, Joey and a slue of other television personalities.

Husbands/boyfriends/men – You know what I’m talking about. We are all actors on a stage, aren’t we? Shakespeare wasn’t far off when he said this, and it’s more true today than it was then. This may not happen when things are going fine and everyone in the home is happy and getting along, but when things heat up and tempers are thrown, our personal audience sweeps…

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