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Custard – The Eggs factor

November 4, 2013

I haven’t had a good custard in ages. This looks so good, I think I gained 10 lbs just looking.

ice cream magazine

A Saucy Anglaise is guilt tripping me to make a discombobulated post. Pepper dash with a big word to fluff over the fact that I haven’t, until now,  paid due homage to the Sauce that is Anglaise or indeed the British dessert sauce commonly known as Custard. Its simply bad manners to ice cream bases not to have mentioned by now. Custard is not happy at being left out.  My bad, sorry Colonel Custard I didn’t get the blindingly obvious memo! It was in my ignore tray.

DSC_7015  blueberry pudding with custard (copy) copy  blueberry pudding with custard

There is a ‘no cook vanilla ice cream’ here which is super, easy peasy to make, pimp and upscale with your choice of flavors. Fortunately there are, I am assured, good options for our non dairy and diabetic friends alike.

Hot Ginger steamed sponge pudding with vanilla ice cream ©©©  Hot Ginger steamed sponge pudding with vanilla ice cream ©

Good custard is like a cuddle from a dear friend rather than a soapy mannered fop. Just the right strength, at the right…

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