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The Halloween Gobblers

October 30, 2013

My two older sons were eight and ten on this particular Halloween night–well seasoned trick-or-treaters. We lived in a suburb at the end of a quiet street. They knew everyone in the neighborhood which consisted mainly of two streets.
I normally walked around with them, but they decided they were old enough to go on their own. I gave them a bit of a head start, enough to let them think they were on their own. However, while I took their youngest brother around, I managed to keep them in sight.
They always came home with a large bagful of every kind of candy imaginable, including chocolate. That night seemed like a banner night. My youngest, at only three years old, was always satisfied with his bounty. He was allowed a few pieces that night and the rest was put up to enjoy over the next few days. Admittedly, the adults got to share in their bounty, sometimes on the sly.
The older ones dug in, but I immediately put a stop to their gorging themselves. This was an annual battle with a re-run at Easter. Usually I did not get much disagreement with my orders. But this halloween was different. They seemed to have their argument ready.
“You never let us eat it all.”
“You don’t need it all in one night. Save some for later.”
“That’s not fair!”
“You’ll make yourselves sick stuffing all that in your tummies tonight.”
“No we won’t. Candy won’t hurt us.”
“Too much will.”
“Ah, Mom!”
Figuring the best way for them to learn was by doing. “Okay, go ahead and eat as much as you want then brush their teeth and get to bed.”
I don’t think they ate as much as they planned, but I was fairly sure it was enough that their stomachs were not going to be happy. They went to bed, but an hour later they were up, moaning and groaning.
“Ooh, Mom, you were right. We shouldn’t have eaten so much.”
I smiled, “See, I tried to tell you.”
“Ooh, we’ll never do that again.”
And they didn’t.
Surprisingly, the next halloween they reminded me how sick they had gotten last year and that they were not going to eat a lot of candy this time. They must have passed their hard-earned wisdom on to their younger brother because I never got an argument from him about trying to eat all his candy in one night.

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  1. Lesson learned the hard way !

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