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I think we know what our job is

October 30, 2013

The carving of the lighthouse is absolutely stunning!

Embrace Serendipity

We had a day just with our supervisor.

Well, most of the day…

Which really means about two hours.

We headed back to Reedsport — perhaps the last trip we’ll have to, or be able to claim mileage for.

I got my official Government Driving License — GOOD

I went through the clothes lockers in search of uniform components that FIT me — the lockers are for volunteer uniforms and while some of them get cleaned and re-issued to new volunteers there are some problems:  a.) I’m a good sized guy and some of my items I had a hard time finding, b.) some of the items had been laundered enough that the labels were illegible — which means trying on a lot of things that we no where close to my size — and then reorganizing the cabinet with the discovered-size-items placed where they belonged in the first place. …

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