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The Blogger’s Prayer

October 29, 2013

This may be a little irreverent, but I think God will understand. I find it so clever, I couldn’t pass it up.

My apologies if I’ve gotten the credit wrong. I think reikheide did both the poem and the picture. I wandered in blogdom so long, I got a bit lost.

by reikiheidi
Our Bloggers who art on WordPress

Hallowed be thy sites

Thy Followers come

Thy posts be done

As in ‘draft’

So it is in ‘published’

Give us this day our daily post

And forgive us our non-posting days

As we forgive those who do not daily post for us

And lead us not into blogging errors

But deliver us from blog-mundanity

For thine is the post-kingdom, and the word-power, and the ‘Liked’-glory

For ever and ever



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