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On the Road Again

September 29, 2013

Any thoughts on this? I don’t own one.

Embrace Serendipity

Today we leave Grand Junction after a nice stay of 4 days.  Thursday was catch up day.

  • Our daughter is going to inherit my 5 yr old MacBook Pro, so I had files to remove.
  • Apple invited me to upgrade to IOS 7, and that took way longer than I would have thought compared to the prior software updates.  And now I hear there’s a 7.0.2…. argh.
  • I had some image cataloging projects to take care of.  Keywording will be the death of me.
  • The day before travel is also the time to check oil, antifreze and all those good things.
  • And to clean the car. (gotta make room for our daughter who meets up with us on Monday)
  • And to clean the furnace filter. (three months and time to wash out the foam secondary filter I added to the coach.)
  • And to make some room in the basement. (this…

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