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Maybe it’s a touch of senility

September 25, 2013

It’s those little things that you ask yourself–where’s my wallet? my car keys? even, why did I come into this room? Those are the things you laugh about and dismiss. You decide it’s stress, or not being focused, or even simply being distracted. No big deal. Nothing to worry about.
When someone asks you for your phone number, and you start with “Aah…”. It’s a number you’ve had for years. Suddenly, you can’t remember it? Or your asked for your mother’s maiden name, and you have no clue. Maybe then you start to worry just a tad.
So you start watching Brain Games on the National Geographic channel. You research about senility, Alzheimer’s, and so on. You take a few extra vitamins, and try to do a few exercises every day. All this to reassure yourself that you are truly fine.
They may help, but some days there’s just no help for you.

Tonight, I was re-writing parts of my novel to get it ready for its second edit when my husband interrupted me. We had gone to the garden shop earlier so he could get two large bags of whatever (yep, memory failure again). We had also picked up some groceries so those needed to be unloaded and put away. The bags were left in the truck bed.
And forgotten.
The evening wore on–dinner, dishes, and a quick look at “Person of Interest.” I finally sat down to work on my novel. I had been ignoring it for many months, and have no reason why. I changed a scene to make a light rain fall and fixed a lot of the places that I thought could be better worded. I worked on it for better than an hour before my husband interrupted me.
He was having another allergic reaction, but had just taken his Benadryl before letting me know. This allergy thing is new and we haven’t figured out what’s causing it. However, he did think it might be the inoculate that was used on the soy beans he’s planting for the deer. That would be an easy fix–just wear gloves instead of mixing it with his bare hands.
This time he had not been handling the inoculate. I had tried a new recipe for Brunswick Stew. It had lima beans. Were those the culprit?
The Benadryl tonight seemed to do the trick and he was feeling less itching.
He asked me about my schedule for tomorrow because those bags were still in the back of the truck. He figured he could get them in the morning before I left. I asked him if they were safe from the rain.
“They should be. They’re plastic bags. I didn’t know it rained.”
As soon as I said something about the rain, I realized my mistake. It had not rained in real life. It had rained on page 28 in my manuscript. Now, who’s feeling a touch senile!

I’d like to think that I’m such a good writer that I simply got lost in my story. [Please don’t fall off your chair laughing.]

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  1. I love it 🙂 You know you have a good story when you get lost in it.
    As for the memory – my theory is that our brains have gathered so much information as we age that it just takes longer to find the correct file. And walking through a doorway erases memory – that’s why the kids can’t remember to pick up their clothes once they have walked from the kitchen to their bedroom 🙂

    • I wished I had known about that doorway thing when I was younger. I’d like to think my getting lost is a good thing. Today I had planned to work some more on my novel. I’m so far behind!! I said I would take 45 minutes to run through a few emails. It’s now 2.5 hours later and I’m still in emails. I did get rid of 27 in one chunk. It turns out they sent out the same prayer request to everyone, 27 of them! I thought I might have spent too much time lost in my book to keep up with real life!! I did get another idea for a great story and should have written it down because now I can’t remember it. I like your thinkingneeding extra time to find the right file. That is something one of my characters will have to say.

      Thanks for following. Connie

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