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Health Facts You May Not Have Needed to Know

August 29, 2013

This is a collection of items I’ve gathered from a variety of sources, unfortunately I rarely wrote down the source, or they were tidbits in magazines without a source listed.

SNEEZES: per New Zealand scientists
1 in 4 do not cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough
3,000: approximate number of droplets expelled in a single cough, some of which fly out of the mouth at speeds up to 50 miles per hour
40,000: approximate number of droplets expelled in a sneeze, sometimes as fast as 200 miles per hour
200 million: the number of virus particles in a single cough or sneeze when the person is ill

Smile – smiling often can add 7 years to your life

HOUSEPLANTS: clean the air by filtering out harmful chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene.
Best detoxifiers: Boston fern, English ivy, moth orchid, dendrobium orchid, ficus tree, gerbera daisy, heartleaf philodendron, peace lily, pot mum, snake plant, spider plant, and several species of dracaena.

Primary Sources of Clutter: per survey by Natural Health magazine- Jan/Feb, 2013
50% – papers
38% – clothing
8% – other
4% – gadgets and toys

To build your confidence: stand straight (proper posture), nod, and smile

Unusual Calorie Burners:
kiss for 1 minute – burns 26 calories
bowling 2 games – burns 444 calories, with a 16-pound ball

This next bit was really fascinating me. I thought water (with or without lytes) was always the best drink of choice no matter what the exercise.
Outdoor Exercise: Coffee
Reason: Provides extra energy and endurance, reduces pain and my even contribute to enhanced sun protection

Strength Training: Nonfat milk
Reason: Helps you build muscle and boost bone health, thanks to its proteins, calcium and vitamin D

Cardio: Green tea, regular or decaf
Reason: Increases you body’s fat-burning ability by speeding up your metabolism

a strong-smelling chemical used to produce many household products
in salons – it can be released into the air when hot air from a blow dryer hits hair treated with a product containing formaldehyde
found in hair-straightening products (in spite of labeling that says product is formaldehyde free)
lungs – you can breathe it in
eyes – causes irritation
skin – causes rashes
Additional problems from exposure: several types of cancers, including nose and lung; headaches and fainting

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