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Its summertime with fried green tomatoes!

August 8, 2013

This is a simple, and per Amarylis, is delicious.

The Opinionated Woman's Musings

This is more of a review of my own cooking than anything else. Plus I wanted to share with the blogosphere.

I made fried green tomatoes for the first time in my life. It was recently that I actually tried fried green tomatoes (FGT) and realized that I liked them. I think FGT is one of those Southern style foods that is probably a staple in many households during the summer months. Growing up with an British-bred mother, I was more likely to eat Shepherd’s pie. ***sighing fondly to myself***

Since we have a large garden this year with about 10 different varieties of tomatoes, I was excited for the possibility to be able to make FGT myself. I figured that it could not be too hard. I searched for perfect, plump tomatoes from our bountiful, producing garden. Hubby is a great cultivator of all things green. If I was…

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