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July 31, 2013

Beer sales usually increase on:
(Listed in order of highest sales; starts with #1.)

July Fourth
Memorial Day
Labor Day
Father’s Day
Cinco de Mayo

There are 1,599 breweries in the USA which is the most in history.
Anybody care to open one and make it an even 1,600? You would make Monk so happy.

[The following is from a recent issue of Times magazine I read while in a waiting room.]
The UN has come up with a list of insects that provide a good source of protein. I might eat earth worms if push came to shove. They might make a pretty good stir-fry with a bit of onion and soy sauce, maybe some garlic. Frankly, I’m not interested in eating insects; but the UN may know something that we don’t about getting prepared for the future.
These are per 100 gram (g) serving:
crickets: 8-25 g
caterpillars: 10-17 g
grasshoppers: 13-28 g
termites: 13-28 [The queen can grow quite large.]
raw beef: 19-26

A London zoo reported that its collection of “gorgeously ugly” Mangarahara cichlid fish, which happen to be all male, will die out if no mates can be found. I had no way to copy the picture, but I didn’t find the fish ugly at all.

A court in Hong Kong ruled that a transsexual woman can marry a man, making the current law unconstitutional.

A museum devoted to the 1970s pop group Abba opened in Stockholm on May 2, 2013.

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