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Sixty second writing tips: writing is writing

July 30, 2013

An interesting look at writing.

Matthew Wright

I often find, while chatting with people via Twitter or my blog, that a ‘writer’ by definition means ‘novellist’. I get asked about progress on my story.

Actually, the majority of the writing I do is non-fiction. Right now, I’m writing a non-fiction biography of a mineral, Dava Sobel style.

I also do a lot of other writing, none of it fiction.

To me it all classes as writing. And I think the onus is on writers to be good at all of it, even if they become adept at a particular kind.

Everything inter-links. Understanding how structure works for one kind of writing, for instance, feeds through into good structure for another. Styles interlink.

Breadth of output lends wisdom, it deepens the writing experience and can help make your own favoured or specialist genre shine.

Your thoughts?

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