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TO SEIZURE OR NOT TO SEIZURE, that is the question

March 28, 2013

Having complex-partial seizure type makes it difficult sometimes to determine if I had a seizure or not. I rarely have had two seizures alike. I have “focal points” in the left and right temple areas. I believe, maybe erroneously, that the seizures vary depending on which area is firing.
I have to be careful of flickering lights and loud noises which include July 4th fireworks, driving down a forested country land with the sun flickering through the trees, and even movie and TV scenes that have repetitively flashing lights.
Normally, when I open my email, I rarely pay attention to the scrolling screen as new emails are added. The other day there was an inordinate number of them. Even though I know better, I stared at the screen in absolute amazement. Before it finished, I looked away briefly then back again because it still seemed to be going strong.
I closed my eyes, trying to rest them, but apparently the damage was done. When I opened them again, after maybe thirty seconds, my computer screen was moving rapidly sideways. Thinking (but knowing better) that it might be a problem with the computer I looked to my left at the stack of papers. It too moved sideways.
A seizure lasts approximately 30 seconds to two minutes. Anticipating a short wait, I closed my eyes again and put my head down. When I opened them the next time the movement had stopped. I had no postictal phase–a period of confusion after a seizure. My eyes felt tired and nothing more. I waited, worried that a real seizure might start. There was one quick sharp pain at the back of my head.
I try to find humor (which is often silly or dumb) in my multiple medical problems, only because, at times, there is nothing left to do but laugh. I trust in God; He knows what he is doing.
I do not have the focal points named, but for ease in this little discussion I’ve name one side Charlie and the other Susie. Picture them at lightning-fast speed discussing their dilemma as my eyes involuntarily go back and forth between them.

Charlie: Are you going to start the seizure, Susie?
Susie: Why me? I did it the last time. It’s your turn.
Charlie: Is not.
Susie: Is too.
Charlie: Maybe we don’t need to.
Susie: Why not?
Charlie: It was just scrolling letters.
Susie: Well, it annoyed me.
Charlie: Then you start the seizure.
Susie: I told you, it’s your turn.
Charlie: I don’t think it was bad enough to do one.
Susie: You’re being lazy.
Charlie: Hmph!
Susie: Don’t hmph me.
Charlie: I’m not going to start one and that’s that.
Susie: All right. You win. I’ll take a nap until I get excited again.
Charlie: We’ll see what happens.
Susie, gleefully with a little snap of light: Can I make a big one then?
Charlie: We’ll see. Now, go to sleep. I need a nap myself.

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  1. Glad you can find humor in it all.

  2. Thank you. Some days you have to laugh, there’s no more screaming, ranting , or crying left.

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