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Meeting George

December 31, 2012

Everyone has met someone in their life who stands out, maybe even more than one person. Most of the time that person is obnoxious or has another bad quality. I’m glad to say I’ve met more of the “good” variety than the bad. I was grocery shopping when George crossed my path. I was  waiting at the deli when he hustled up to the counter. With a smile he said, “All right, girls, let’s get busy back there. I’m waiting.” His voice was loud enough to carry from the front of the store to the back. He wasn’t yelling. His was simply a strong voice. George was genuinely friendly and easy to like. He greeted me and introduced his two friends with him. His voice never changed volume. It was naturally set on high. George did explain that his sister worked in the deli and introduced me to her. She was busy and only nodded her head. I did pick up that she might have been a tad embarrassed. He rambled on briefly, but I don’t remember the conversation. He mostly talked and I smiled and nodded my head. I have met thousands of people through the course of my nursing career. Most were “ordinary” folk, but I still managed to meet a number of those that stood out. Some good, some not so much. George was exceptionally outgoing. He was different in that he was a talker. Most men are reticent when it comes to communicating unless it’s with other men or they’re drunk (that’s a whole other story). I got the impression George loved to talk, and probably hear the sound of his own voice, or he was hard of hearing and not ready to admit it. He looked you in the eye, spoke well, and smiled all the time. All good points when conversing. He was the dominant male. His friends said nothing more after being introduced. I missed some of what George said because I let my mind wander – how could I use him as a character in one of my novels? The ones I’m currently working on don’t have a need for his character type. He is too rich a character not to share with others. Does that mean I have to come up with a new book just for George?

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  1. Sounds like George would be a great character for one of your books!

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