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Forgotten Christmas

December 31, 2012

I hope you all had a joyous Christmas. Some how this year I missed it. For me, Christmas has always been nearly the best holiday ever invented. I have celebrated over 60 of them. So, how could I miss one? They are always on the same date, although the day may vary. I had already bought the gifts, although several had not arrived by Christmas Eve. Nothing was wrapped because I thought I still had time. I worked on cleaning the house. My plans were to wrap presents and bake on Monday, expecting that Tuesday was Christmas Eve. My son and his family were coming at 2 pm so I had the morning to finish up. Monday afternoon they arrive shortly after 2. I was puzzled. “I wasn’t expecting you today. I thought you were coming tomorrow, on Christmas Eve.” My son looked at me, smiling, “Today is Christmas Eve.” Of course, I had nothing, absolutely nothing, ready. The gifts were still unwrapped. My daughter-in-law’s present had not arrived. Not a single dish was ready to serve. I had planned potato salad and stuffed cabbage rolls as the main course. I had one pumpkin pie done and had managed to burn the crust. I served the chocolate candy and offered drinks. UPS arrived with my order while they were, but hers was not in the box. I gave her a hand lotion. Whoopty-do! Luckily they had another dinner to go that evening. How I got my dates wrong no one has figured out yet. Ever since I started taking the seizure medication, dates and numbers hold very little meaning for me. I thought I might have looked at the wrong calendar, but November’s dates are different. So, I’m left with no known reason, or senility. I’ll go with the excuse of ‘no reason’. It sounds better to me. I wish you all a blessed New Year.

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