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jessie james rides again

October 16, 2012

This is the second in my series on the wedding trip to Texas. Jessie gets his own blog. He is quite a cat. At 20.5 pounds he looks like a monster; yet the vet says he is not overweight since he can still feel his ribs. He is not as curious as most cats are. He barely acknowledged that strangers were in his domain, and trust me, the apartment is HIS domicile, not the humans. His walk indicated he was king and owner. I’m not much of a cat lover. I prefer birds and dogs. Jessie earned my admiration however. He is unique among cats. He has a gorgeous silky coat and stunning blue eyes. He is part Siamese. Crinkle newspaper or plastic wrap and he disappears in the blink of an eye. Surprising, considering his size. Shake a bag of cat cookie treats and he reappears almost as fast. (I had several pictures of him, but I’m having trouble loading them.) The oddest thing about him is that he likes to hide under the bed. Cats, in general, prefer to perch atop things, higher up. It makes it easier to pounce. Not Jessie. He can spend the day under the bed. Maybe the oddest thing is his meow. Jessie is lion size in the cat world, and you almost expect to hear him roar. However, when he meows it’s a tiny meow, kitten size. Jessie has been declawed, but he still claws at the stuffed chair leg. On Sunday I was cat-sitting for a few hours. I sat in the chair normally occupied by his mistress. He entered the room, stopped, and stared at me. The first look was a second of confusion – ‘you’re not the right female in that chair’. The next second his expression changed to – ‘how dare I sit in that chair’. His face changed again to looking expectant like ‘I’m here, where’s breakfast?’ I gave Jessie some fresh water, but could not find his cat food. I think it was left in the car from our trip to feed the turtles. I gave him some of those cat cookies since they were simply a high protein cat food. This was one of the few times he allowed me to scratch his neck. He was happy and pranced off.
Next week is National Chemistry Week – October 21-27. I interviewed Dr. Lisa Brodhacker and hope to have it published in the Greenwood Times magazine. My next blog will be on the pitfalls of interviewing, and the connection between National Chemistry Week and Dr. Brodhacker.

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