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Gonna Get Hung

September 9, 2012

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day Holiday. I thought we might labor over a few common writing mistakes. The following is a comment made by my future daughter-in-law. I replied to it without catching the error. “HAHA Yes, Yes it is – AND Friday before three weeks off! two weeks from today I will be picking up my photog, getting to hang my soon-to-be inlaws again (first time since Thanksgiving),”

Did you catch the mistake the first time around? Often our brain will fill in the word for us. I’m planning to go to Texas for my son’s wedding, but Sandi is planning to hang us. There should be a ‘with’ after the word ‘hang’.

I have a bad habit of splitting my verbs. I’ll write–”needs to pick Riley and his friends up early.” It should be “needs to pick up Riley and his friends early.”

Writer’s Digest had an article about the 101 Best Blog sites (I wasn’t on the list.). I was amazed at some of them. There was one with 30,000 followers and here I am talking to myself. I’m not certain why writers are supposed to have a blog except to talk about your books. I have one book and several more in the works, plus several dozen in varying stages of nothing more than an idea or simply a title I liked. I don’t have enough to talk about yet.

The other day a salesman gave me an idea for a book which I put in my idea folder. It’s a period piece, set back in the 1500-1600, requiring knowledge of martial arts, China, and the west coast. The way he paints it, it could be a great story, but it would take me 3-4 years to write it. That kind of book takes a lot of research. I jotted down some ideas, but I doubt I’ll get much done on it.

This past week I’ve spent very little time writing, mainly because I’ve not been in the mood. I look at the paper and it does not stir me. That does not happen often. I have 2 books I’m writing–one of them should be talking to me, but neither is. At this rate I’ll never meet my goal to have “The Hire” completed in three months.

I happened upon a gemology meeting today. I stopped in since I needed the gem info for two of my books. Everyone was superfriendly. I found out that some of those pretty colored stones that I threw away as a child had value. Oh, well. I plan to attend a few more meetings and write an article about the club for the Greenwood Times magazine. Who knows, maybe I’ll make a few new friends. Those are more valuable than any gem.


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