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Welcome & Writing Tip #1

August 23, 2012

This is my first attempt at blogging. I believe you’re never too old to learn new things. My site is mainly to encourage the writer in all of us to write–whether it is for your own pleasure, to tell your child or grandchild a story, or hopes of becoming published, or something you absolutely-have-to-do-but-hate-to for business. Putting it down on paper is more important than worrying about how correct your grammar is when you’re writing an informal letter. Writing for business is different. That has to be clear, concise and accurate. One of my planned books has a scene involving a nurse who thinks she is always right. You know the kind, they never make mistakes and always find someone else to blame. We’ve all known a few in our lifetimes. She sends out the memo with the wrong date and time, causing chaos. This time, however, there is no one to blame but herself. Most people might laugh it off, but not her. She stews to the boiling point and plots murder.

I love to read and enjoy writing. I do get jealous of a good storyteller. I want to be that good as well! I started writing at a young age and did write one novel–”A Sign for Love”. As luck would have it the computer crashed before I finished editing it, so I left it alone for years. It was not until I retired from my nursing career that I started writing again. I got out my old novel so I could type it into the new computer and work on updating it. It was truly bad. While I was typing a little five-year-old blond haired girl came running across my view. She held onto her rag doll and told me her tea set was missing. I told her to go away; I was not interested in writing a children’s story. Sounds crazy. I am on seizure medication. Life is sometimes a little crazy. The child would not go away. I took a writing course when I lived in Georgia. One of the best pieces of advice I got was to let the characters talk. When the characters are talking they will be more believable to the readers. Well, the little girl was gone for the moment, but when she reappeared, I stopped talking and listened. I was surprised to find out this was the start for my Dana character. Totally unexpected. I typed up that book. It took over a year. The editor that reviewed it, loved the part Megan, the little girl, ‘wrote’. The second half of the book which I wrote without Megan’s help, he said needed to be completely rewritten. Hmph, a five-year-old can write better than me. Not a promising start to my career. That book is titled “Dana’s Dilemma” and is available on-line, as an e-book, and in book stores. I do plan to revise it.

Sometimes the characters do things I don’t expect which surprises me. It’s my pen, my paper. Why aren’t they doing what I want? That when the writing instructor told me to let them do their thing. I had been working on a period piece for the class. The hem of the woman’s dress was torn when she arrived at her destination. I had no idea why. I was curious to know. I wrote her explanation to her friends as fast as I could so I could find out. Another character was supposed to be a big sister, warm and loving. She was becoming smart-mouthed and crude. I threw those pages away. I rewrote the story. (This was before I had a computer. They scared me. I was afraid if I hit a wrong key, it would literally blow up.) The same thing started happening. I threw those away and started over again. You guessed it. She started becoming mean and crude again. I quit writing the story. It was not going the way I wanted it to and I had no idea what to do with it. My writing instructor told me never to do that. Put it aside, if I must; never throw it away.

I hope some of you are encouraged to start writing. I look forward to hearing from you.

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